High performance distributed video encoding

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What is Tangram?
Tangram is developing a blockchain based platform to provide decentralized video encoding services using peer-to peer technology. Any device has unutilized computational power that can be used to perform encoding tasks.
The Tangram competitive advantage
The Team
Chiara Verderio
Chiara has over 20 year of experience in finance and private investments. She is focused in running the company, ensuring that the project is well on track. She is in charge of the business development and of the token economics management.
Raffaele Borgese
Raffaele has 25 years of experience in IT and technical innovation. Blockchain enthusiast and serial startupper, he grants his technical overview and insight for the deployment of the project.
Gioele Cerati
CTO & Head of blockchain
Gioele has artistic and humanistic studies as background and 10 years experience in web and software development. He is a blockchain expert and he provides the technological solutions for Tangram, monitoring the state of the software and the overall project.
Attilio Drei
Head of system
Attilio has over 25 years of experience in system integration and operating systems, and he is focused on building the network and infrastructure as well the security of the Tangram network.
Shabi Hashemi
Head of Software
Shabi is an electronic engineer with 10 years of experience in the backend system development, expert in Python and system engineering. She is focused on building the backend logic and software.
Luigi Chougrad
Full Stack Developer
Luigi has a software programming degree and is focused on designing and implementing the client level of the Tangram App
Domenico Rovito
System engineer
Nando Dessena
Solidity Developer
Vincenzo Pinto
System engineer
Sacha Sergi
Art director
Paolo Munna
Graphic Designer
Allan Nava
Antonio Borgese
Front-end Developer
Xhoi Muca
Front-end Developer
Filippo Uggè
Andrea Ferrari
Nikita Litovchenko
Community Manager