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Tangram is a decentralized platform that provides video encoding services using peer-to-peer technology.


Efficient video broadcasting is becoming crucial for a number of activities that utilize video on the internet: from advertising to news to sport and social media, more and more content video is produced, shared and broadcasted every day.

YouTube claims that over 400 hours of content are uploaded every single minute. Cisco states that annual global IP traffic will reach 3.3 ZB per year by 2021, and IP video traffic will be 82% of such number. Video traffic will grow fourfold from 2016 to 2021. It would take more than 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2021.

The broadcasting of huge video files is very expensive, as they use a lot of bandwith and cannot be handled efficiently. Therefore, to be transmitted, videos need to be encoded.


Tangram aims to develop a decentralized platform that will provide video encoding services using peer-to-peer technology: virtually any server, pc, smartphone or even TV and wash machine, has unutilized (or sub-utilized) computational power that can be used to perform encoding tasks.

Such technology will be using both permissioned (i.e. private) and public Blockchain (Ethereum) as an effective, innovative and secure tool to identify and authenticate users, to empower and synchronize the task to be performed, to track and manage encoding activities thanks to the distributed ledger technology. Finally, Blockchain will be used to record credits and reward the users


the Team

We are passionate about technology, learning, and sharing knowledge. We are hard workers and problem solvers. We are pieces of a greater puzzle.

Chiara Verderio


Chiara has over 20 year of experience in finance and private investments. She is focused in running the company, ensuring that the project is well on track. She is in charge of the business development and of the token economics management.

Raffaele Borgese


Raffaele has 25 years of experience in IT and technical innovation. Blockchain enthusiast and serial startupper, he grants his technical overview and insight for the deployment of the project.

Attilio Drei

Head of System

Attilio has over 25 years of experience in system integration and operating systems, and he is focused on building the network and infrastructure as well the security of the Tangram network.

Shabi Hashemi

Head of Software

Shabi is an electronic engineer with 10 years of experience in the backend system development, expert in Python and system engineering. She is focused on building the backend logic and software.

Nando Dessena

Solidity Developer

Writes code since he learned how to write. Blockchain and crypto enthusiast, specialized in developing smart contracts via Ethereum. 25 years working as developer, teacher and advisor on both corporate and open source projects.

Yasiru Gallage

Android Developer

Yasiru has over 6 years of experience in software development. He is an expert in mobile development and is in charge of all the mobile solutions for Tangram

Vincenzo Pinto

System Engineer

Marco Zemolin

UX Designer Lead

Filippo Uggè

UI Designer Lead

Andrea Ferrari

Social Media Manager

Nikita Litovchenko

Community Manager

Allan Nava

Full Stack Developer

Joi Muca

Front-end Developer

Antonio Borgese

Full Stack Developer

Giovanni Cozzi

Back-end Developer

Domenico Borgese

Front-end Developer


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Piattaforma di Transcodifica Decentralizzata (PITRADE)

L’obiettivo del progetto è la realizzazione di una piattaforma in grado di rendere più efficiente, veloce, sicuro ed economico il processo di codifica dei video (compressione e conversione) che è necessario per ogni società, o professionista che si occupa di produzione e/o delivery di contenuti video.