Tangram is a cloud-based video encoding service that utilizes Ethereum blockchain. Tangram converts your videos into different formats compatible with web platforms, mobile devices, or any other appliance you need to support.

Tangram is cheaper, safer and faster than any other encoding service on the market.

Tangram will provide a number of useful features, such as thumbnails, watermarking, subtitles and captions. Furthermore, we are developing unique tools to help you in speeding your workflow - such as autotagging of video content, and machine learning algorithms that can identify and automatically remove (or highlight) specific images or actions from your videos. Also, we are building a blockchain based mechanism that will powerfully defend your copyright on content.

We have a Freemium service with defined preset for you to try Tangram. Just be aware this is a beta product, and be ready for a lot of news coming on in the next months as we progress with our project, as per the product roadmap and blockchain roadmap.

You will be able to upload a file directly in our user dashboard and define your own encoding parameters. And with a dedicated set of API, Tangram will also allow full integration with your servers or with any cloud hosting service. Tangram at the moment is not offering storage for encoded files.

The V.1 release of Tangram will support the following formats in inputs: MP4, AVI, WebM, Mov; Vob; 3gp; m4v;mts; mpeg; mpg. We’ll stay tuned for any other format that the market may require.

Tangram will support H.264, H.265 anc V9 Codec in its V.1 release. More Codec will be added in V.2 release